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HIV / AIDS Clinical Review: all states 2 CEs

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HIV | AIDS Clinical Review for Florida

Credit hours/CE: 2

MaryLou Austin, RDH, MS, Health Science Editor
Michelle Jameson, MA, Health Science Editor

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the definitions and differences between HIV and AIDS.
  • Identify major clinical manifestations, including major oral lesions associated with HIV/ AIDS.
  • Review treatment options and appropriate referral protocols.
  • Use appropriate standard precautions and rigorous infection control protocols.
  • Know best practices and protocols for post-exposure reporting.

Course Description:
This course provides information to dental practitioners regarding how to identify clinical manifestations of AIDS, treatment options and protocols, standard precautions and infection control protocols and post-exposure protocols in efforts to stop the spread of the disease to patients and practitioners. accepts no commercial support for any of our courses. All sources/editors/authors for all MDC courses have signed conflict of interest declarations on file at