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Declaration of Policies and Practices

General Declaration of Policies and Practices

MyDentalCE.com is not supported by any commercial organization, receives no grants or funding, and its revenues are derived solely from courses purchased on our website.  Our company does not sponsor or sell any products other than our online courses. All administrative and editorial staff has signed conflict of interest declarations on file in our office. Refund and privacy policies are located on the MDC website homepage. MDC is devoted exclusively to providing professional, scientific information to the dental profession. Learning objectives are listed in all course materials on the website and online descriptions on the product page of our website. All MDC policies can be reviewed upon request. Our company’s business practices are fully transparent and in strict compliance with the Academy of General Dentistry’s PACE program standards

For any additional information, please send an email with your name, address, and phone number. CEsupport@mydentalce.com