THIS VERSION FOR APEX REIMBERSEMENT CUSTOMERS ONLY | New Hire Bundle: 1-OSHA Training Video for New/Existing Dental Staff & 1-HIPAA Review for Dental Staff & Guidelines for Training Document (3 CEs)

by MDC

3 CEs - THIS VERSION FOR APEX  REIMBERSEMENT CUSTOMERS ONLY:   viewing and exam of VIDEO | OSHA Training for New & Existing Dental Staff & 1 course and exam for HIPAA Review for Dental Office Staff | Updated 2017. Bonus information: Guidelines to meet OSHA’s Employee Training Requirements For Dental Staff full of practical information, checklists, employee training forms, and more like short videos for needlestick prevention and hand hygiene per the CDC.

2 CE video The one-hour dental OSHA training video is an Alliance training and compliance tool. Designed for new employees within 10 days of hire, annual training for existing staff, staff who may need a refresher course, compliance officers, and the dentist. The online exam consists of 10 basic questions. The completion certificate is generated immediately and sent to you by email for your records. 

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The 1-hour video is presented in 4 units:

  • Unit 1: General Safety Standards - OSHA Overview
  • Unit 2: Bloodborne Pathogens Standard
  • Unit 3: Hazard Communication Standard
  • Unit 4: Information for the Dentist / Office Compliance Officer

1 CE text based course: This HIPAA review text-based course is designed to be a strong introduction for compliance a training vehicle for all member of the professional dental staff--particularly new employees. . This course is suitable for all members of the dental team.

The Guidelines for Training document has video links for topics like needlestick prevention, links to OSHA documents, and is packed with useful information to train staff with peace of mind about compliance.

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