PACKAGE #2: Online Dental Self-Study | 25 CEs

by MDC

PACKAGE #2:  Online Dental Self-Study |  25 CEs for DDS & RDH

We can customize the package for you too. Nationally recognized & approved provider in all 50 states.  Questions?  Email:  Fast & friendly customer service. Core courses include  (substitutions OK--just email us your desired changes and we'll send you the exact courses you want).

IMPORTANT: Many state dental boards limit the number of CEs allowed per day to 8 credit hours. We strongly advise that no one take more than 8 CEs for credit per day. And you agree to hold harmless and not liable should you take more than 8 CEs per day. Know your board's regulations.

Learning objectives are listing at the beginning of each course.

  • Infection Control in Dental Settings: Latest CDC Guidelines Update  (4 CEs)
  • HIV / AIDS Clinical Review (2 CEs)
  • Tuberculosis in Dental in Dental Settings (2 CEs)
  • Medical Emergencies Management  (3 CEs)
  • Medical Error Prevention: Risk Management (2 CEs) 
  • Oral Pathology Review  (4 CEs)
  • Local Anesthetics Review  (2 CEs)
  • Domestic Violence & Identifying Abuse in Dentistry (2 CEs)
  • Diabetes Management: An Interdisciplinary Approach 4 CEs) accepts no commercial support for any of our courses. All sources/editors/authors for all MDC courses have signed conflict of interest declarations on file at


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