More Info: Fraud Alert Dental Board of Calif to all Dentists

Drug trafficking scheme targeting dentists


The Dental Board of California is alerting dentists to be aware of a recent fraud scheme. Scammers, posing as board members, are telling licensees that they are under investigation for drug trafficking by the board and other entities, including local police, the Drug Enforcement Agency and/or the FBI, and demanding money. The callers may use a disguised telephone number to make the calls appear to be coming from the board.

“Board staff members or investigators will never contact licensees demanding money or payment of any form without conducting an official investigation or inquiry,” the email alert from the dental board states.

If you receive a call, you are advised to refuse the demand for payment and contact the dental board directly at 877.729.7789 or 916.263.2300 or by email,, to inquire if an official investigation is underway. Never disclose any personal information, such as Social Security numbers, birth dates or credit/debit card numbers.

If a caller claims to be from the DEA, report the fraud using the DEA’s online extortion scam report form, available on the DEA’s Diversion Control Division website. If the caller appears to have a dental board telephone number, you should submit an online complaint with the Federal Communications Commission using the FCC’s Consumer Complaint form.

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