UPDATE Calif Infection Control Law | Dental Unit Waterline Safety

Legislation to improve infection control safety in dentistry passed the Legislature and was signed into law Oct. 2 by Gov. Jerry Brown. The law regards dental office waterlines and the new requirement to use sterile water or use a disinfecting or antibacterial agent when irrigating dental pulp. The Dental Board will adopt final regulations by December 31, 2018--and has emergency authority to fast-track compliance with the new law

What brought this issue to the attention of the California legislature? An outbreak of mycobacterial infection in Southern California that led to the hospitalization of more than 60 children prompted the legislation. The infections, some producing severe complications, were traced back to a children’s dental clinic in Anaheim. Investigation into what occurred suggests that the bacterium that infected the children was likely introduced by water used during the performance of pulpotomies.


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