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Our courses are written for dentists, dental hygienists, and dental assistants, from novice to skilled. Courses for dentists only are clearly noted in the course descriptions.

Educational methods: These courses are self-instructional PDF file courses which can be read online or printed. 

Provider disclosure: neither has a leadership position nor a commercial interest in any products or services discussed or shared in our educational activity. No manufacturer or third party had any input in the development of the course content.

Requirements for successful completion: To obtain CE credits for our courses, you must register and pay, have a valid order number for the quiz, review the material, complete the course evaluation, and obtain an exam score of 70% or higher.

CE planner disclosure: MaryLou Austin, RDH, MS, MBA, Director of Education neither has a leadership nor commercial interest with any products or services discussed in any educational activity. Ms. Austin can be reached at

Educational disclaimer: Completing a single continuing education course does not provide enough information to result in the participant being an expert in the field related to the course topic. It is a combination of many educational courses and clinical experience that allows the participant to develop skills and expertise.

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Scientific integrity statement: Information shared in this CE course is developed from clinical research and represents the most current information available from evidence-based dentistry.

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