Infection Control OSHA Focus 2021: #1 Bestseller: 2 CEs


Infection Control OSHA Focus 2021 | 2 CEs/ credit hours

MaryLou Austin, RDH, MS, Health Science Editor
Howard A. Boone, MD, Infection Control Instrument Processing Specialist
CDC, OSAP, NIH, OSHA, and other public domain sources

Learning Objectives:

  • Review important terms and concepts in infection control.
  • Know routes of transmission for disease causing microorganisms.
  • Know Standard Precaution measures mandated by state and federal guidelines.
  • Recognize the OSHA standards pertinent in dentistry. (BBP, HazCom, Infection Control, Radiation Safety, General Safety).
  • Identify strategies to prevent occupational exposures to bloodborne pathogens.
  • Know post-accidental exposure protocols per OSHA.
  • Identify Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) for dental personnel.
  • Describe the various sterilization methods for non-critical, semi, and critical instruments and devices.
  • Know how to monitor effectiveness of sterilization.
  • Understand an office infection control program in a dental office

Course Description:

Infection Control OSHA Focus is designed to meet 2021-22 general dental board license renewal requirements and is approved by the Dental Board of California for 2021-2022, for review of all IC topics. Includes Bloodborne Pathogens Hazard Communication, best IC practices, CDC and OSHA guidelines, and various topic updates through 2020. Reviews sterilization technique, chain of infection control, current topics, provides useful resources, and the law. New updates for Tuberculosis management & dental unit water line. COVID Guidance in Dental Settings is also included as a separate file FYI and is not part of the course--and has no test and does not confer credit. Additional staff resources are included in this edition. Suitable for all members of the dental team especially clinicians.

Academy of General Dentistry nationally approved CE provider (#373218) in all states (except for New York Infection Control 4 CE initial registration course) including California RP #5100.  

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