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CALIF Dentists: Package for All Board Mandated Courses | IC, CDPA, Opioids 6 CEs

CALIF Dentists: Package for All Board Mandated Courses | IC, CDPA, Opioids 6 CEs

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PACKAGE: Mandated Courses for Dentists License Renewal

Credit Hours/CEs 6

Published August 2023 | Reviewed January 2024 | Expires December 2026

Created for Calif Dentists to fulfill the CE requirements for license renewal as mandated by the Dental Board of California. **All courses are explicitly approved by the Dental Board of California (DBC).

IMPORTANT:you may only take 8 credit hours per day per the Dental Board of California per Title 16 Calif Code of Regulations Sections 1016 and 1017. You agree to hold harmless and not liable should you exceed more than 8 CEs in 1 day. We will happily substitute for other courses. Just send us your request by email:

Package Courses Include
  • Infection Control OSHA Focus | Updated 2024 (2 CEs - board mandated)
  • California Dental Practice Act Updated 2024 (2 CEs - board mandated)
  • Opioids: Mandated Responsibilities & Requirements  (2 CEs - board mandated)

  • Learning Objectives are listed at the start of all courses

    Sources/Editors/Authors   Various MDC faculty, CDC, Dental Board of California

    Questions? FAST response: accepts no commercial or other monetary support for any of our courses or business operations. We are dedicated to evidence-based and bias-free information in our courses. Our administrative staff, editors, and faculty have signed conflict of interest declarations on file at  Academy of General Dentistry nationally approved CE provider (#373218) in all states (except for New York Infection Control 4 CE initial registration course) including California RP #5100.  

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