Opioids Overview & Guidelines for Dentists | Pain Management (4 CEs)


Opioids Overview & Guidelines for Dentists | Pain Management Review  
4 CE / Credit Hours

MaryLou Austin, RDH, MS, Health Science Editor Michelle Jameson, MA
Public Domain Information - CDC, NIH, HHS, Washington Medical Agencies, ADA Opioid Policies, et al. Bree Collaborative

Learning Objectives:
Upon completion of this course, you will:

  • Know the principles of pain management for acute pain in dental patients.
  • Understand the mechanisms of opioid agonists and antagonists.
  • Understand basic pharmacokinetics of opioids.
  • Understand the physiologic mechanisms of pain.
  • Identify opioid dependence and screening for narcotic abuse.
  • Apply best practices guidelines for opioid prescribing & the use of alternate medications.
  • Understand the current information regarding the opioid crisis in the U.S.
  • Apply safe prescribing methods for opioids in your practice.

This resource packed course provides dentists with a clear understanding of the mechanics of pain management and strategies for treating pain with opioids as well as non-opioid alternatives. This course material also provides a review of the basic pharmacology and physiology associated with pain management medications. And current information on the Opioid crisis in the USA is thoroughly discussed and ample external resources and information are included.

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