CALIF 25 CE PACKAGE #1: DBC Approved 25 CEs


Package #1 - 25 CEs  for $99. Best value for California dental license renewal. All courses current for 2021. California dentists can take up to 25 CEs with self-study online courses. RDHs & RDAs can take up to 12.5 CEs online--we offer this 13 CE package for RDHs & RDAs.  

IMPORTANT: Only 8 credit hours (CEs) per day are allowed per the Dental Board of California per Title 16 Calif Code of Regulations Sections 1016 and 1017. Your use of courses means you agree to abide by DBC regulations, and you shall hold MDC harmless and not liable for any issues that may arise with non-compliance with DBC regulations by taking more than 8 hours CE per day.

Package courses include  mandated & updated versions for:  
  • Infection Control OSHA Focus | DBC Approved 2021
  • Calif Dental Practice Act  | DBC Approved 2021
  • Bloodborne Pathogens Standard Annual Review | Updated for 2021
  • Radiation Safety  |  Patient Selection per current FDA Guidelines
  • Medical Error Prevention: Risk Management   
  • Oral Pathology Review   
  • Medical Emergency Management
  • HIPAA for Dental Offices
  • HIV / AIDS Review & Clinical Considerations 
  • Local Anesthetic Review
  • Sexual Harassment Prevention

We can customize your choices too. Send us an email:

California Registered Provider #5100 - Board approved Calif courses in 2021 for a 3-year term. Academy of General Dentistry PACE national provider 373218.






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